.::[Robi All Internet Pakage Activation & Charge Information Details]::.

Posted by Shuvø Ibñ Alãm on 06:34 PM, 11-Oct-12

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Robi Recharge Based Internet Packages: Taka kete Data dea hbe 1GB Exactly Recharge Tk 316 (with VAT) Robi 2G Internet Packages: Enjoy the pack volume in both 3G & 2G in maximum speed To Get 3G Speed Dial *666*1# To Cancel 3G Speed Dial *666*2# 4 MB,BDT 2tk+VAT for 1 day.Dial *8444*4# Prepaid, Postpaid with Auto renew Auto renew off korte biggrinial *8444# Then reply with 2 ,Then reply with 1,Then reply with 2 or 1 2=Cancel Plan Subscription and 1=Temporary Stop Plan 25MB, 10tk+VAT ,Valid 1 day. Dial *8444*21# Prepaid & Postpaid 100MB, 40tk+VAT ,Valid 7 day. Dial *8444*100# Prepaid & Postpaid 500MB, 175Tk+VAT ,Valid 30 days. Dial *8444*500# Prepaid & Postpaid 1GB, 275tk+VAT ,Valid 30 days. Dial *8444*85# Prepaid & Postpaid 2GB (1GB 24 hours +1GB 1am-6am) 347Tk+VAT Valid 30 days. Dial *8444*92# Prepaid & Postpaid Extra use: 10paisa/10kb - above pack cost are excluding VAT - to check your internet balance please dial *8444*88# - enjoy the pack volume in both 3G & 2G in maximum speed - you can purchase same pack multiple time to top-up internet volume - packs are in auto renewal, but you can deactivate your pack any time by dialing *8444# Check internet remaining balance,dial *8444*88# To know Data Packs *8444# Special offers for specific plan: TARUNNO 26 25 MB for Tk 10. To purchase dial *8444*21 #. Balance Check *8444*88#. Validity 1 day. GOTI 36 Bonus 5MB data for every recharge of BDT 20 or more Data balance check *222*81# (free) & Validity 1 day Get handset Settings Internet settings through Easy menu Dial *140*7*1# 1. For WAP, MMS, & Internet settings type "ALL" and send to 1227 2. For Internet Settings type "Internet" and send to 1227 3. For WAP Settings type "WAP" and send to 1227 4. For MMS Settings type "MMS" and send to 1227 Other 24/7 Customer Support & Assistance Points: Call 158 [Free] To Complain Call 123 From Robi Call to 01819 400400 (from any number)

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63 responses to ".::[Robi All Internet Pakage Activation & Charge Information Details]::."

NOYON on 10:24 AM, 11-Nov-13

Onek valo

jebul ahmed on 11:14 PM, 13-Nov-13


rubel on 06:29 PM, 19-Dec-13

i want to know how to activeted 1gb internet pakeg

walid on 04:18 PM, 31-Dec-13

Nice web page.

sakib khan on 12:37 PM, 22-Jan-14

my sim card is not bunas.

MD.RONY on 11:17 PM, 29-Mar-14

YES.valo kono subida paina. amio akjon robi grhhaok.

Shuvø Ibñ Alãm on 04:14 AM, 06-May-14

1GB @Tk. 316.25 [VAT soho] To Activate Dial *8444*85#

HASAN on 11:06 AM, 01-Jun-14

2G package off korbo kibhaba?

Admin on 06:11 PM, 01-Jun-14

Robi Internet off Dial *8999*00#

masud on 04:38 PM, 02-Jun-14

ami 100 mb pages ke bave kinbo

Shuvø Ibñ Alãm on 11:00 PM, 02-Jun-14

Dial*8444*30# [15 Min Robi-Robi Call 24hr Usable,Min Valid 7days.Check Min*222*2#]@masud,

iddris on 05:23 PM, 04-Jun-14

i have purchased symphony w68 new.how can i get internet service from robi...?

selim on 12:41 AM, 05-Jun-14

ami 10katay 50mb pages kinbo plc amake pages ti kinte help krun

Shuvø Ibñ Alãm on 01:36 AM, 05-Jun-14

Buy any internet pakage and use internet service @iddris,

mazid on 11:36 PM, 10-Jun-14


mahi on 05:19 PM, 12-Jun-14

how can i off the robi internet package ?

Admin on 05:34 AM, 13-Jun-14

Robi Internet off Dial *8999*00#

yousuf on 05:57 PM, 13-Jun-14

ami 25mb 10 tk/day packeg kivabe off korbo

j@shim on 02:16 PM, 15-Jun-14


Mishu on 01:18 PM, 17-Jun-14

3G8 activat hosse na? But why ?

Nayeem on 03:27 PM, 17-Jun-14

নতুন সিম কিনছি,,,, কিন্তুু বোনাস ইন্টারনেট ৫০০mb. cheek করব কেমনে,,,,,

Shuvø Ibñ Alãm on 01:18 AM, 20-Jun-14

Please contact with customar care helpline@Nayeem

alauddin on 12:13 PM, 20-Jun-14

sir,100mb 30dayas not work

Shuvø Ibñ Alãm on 11:42 PM, 20-Jun-14

It's a old post. Please contact with oparator customar care@alauddin,

Tania on 08:56 AM, 26-Jun-14

25Mb 1 day ai package ta off korte parci na,karon je number diall kre off krte hoi okane plan off korar option ase nah.cancel plan o ase na,temporaly cancel o ase na.ami akn ki krte pari

IRFANUL KARIM on 10:44 AM, 27-Jun-14

robi ta ki baba free facebook. chala jay.

Shuvø Ibñ Alãm on 03:28 AM, 28-Jun-14

http://tricktunez.tk/ ae wapsite visite kore dekhte paren. Okhane Information paben@IRFANUL KARIM,

Shuvø Ibñ Alãm on 03:30 AM, 28-Jun-14

Apni 121 a phone kore othoba sorasori Robi customar care a gia apnar problem er kotha janan. Asha kori tara apnake help korte parbe@Tania

goni on 08:14 PM, 28-Jun-14

How can stop robi internet packege?

lavle asha on 02:06 PM, 30-Jun-14

25mb pakage kivabe off korbo?

murad x ray on 10:52 PM, 03-Jul-14

i want to know how to activeted 1gb internet pakeg

Shuvø Ibñ Alãm on 02:53 AM, 04-Jul-14

Robi Recharge Based Internet Packages:
Taka kete Data dea hbe 1GB Exactly Recharge Tk 316 (with VAT)@murad x ray,

Ariful Islam Arif on 09:10 PM, 05-Jul-14

Robi unlimited night pacage ti ki paowa jabe.

Rajibul Hassan Rajib on 04:25 PM, 07-Jul-14

robi internet speed kemon? keo bolben ki? 2GB packs koto tk?

fairoj on 03:20 PM, 12-Jul-14

Amar sime kuno mssg asa charai taka kate .akhon ki korte pari plz help me.?

moner aktar on 12:22 PM, 17-Jul-14


সাহাব উদ্দিন on 04:41 AM, 23-Jul-14

আমাৱ ৫এভবি Packges টা বন্ধ হছেনা আমি এখন কি কৱতে পাৱি

Shuvø Ibñ Alãm on 02:07 AM, 25-Jul-14

Robi'r ei problem onekeri hosse. Apni customar care a jogajog korun@সাহাব উদ্দিন,

Shuvø Ibñ Alãm on 02:09 AM, 25-Jul-14

Please contact with customar care@fairoj,

shahadatbapari on 03:40 PM, 25-Jul-14

amra jarra old sim chali mane 01819 tader ki khono bunas and khono sujok sobida ni aita robir ki vertota janale khosi hobo

TARAK on 10:22 AM, 26-Jul-14


alamgir on 10:41 AM, 30-Jul-14

please give me details information, why I cant buy 3GB? every month I need 3gb internet package.

sagor on 10:40 AM, 01-Aug-14

amar robi taka nia jai aita kibaba off korbo

shajalal khan on 04:10 PM, 10-Aug-14

100mb 30days ki vabe calu korbo?

Faruque on 01:58 AM, 15-Aug-14

Baja System Robi internet

Nazmul on 12:38 PM, 18-Aug-14

amar 4 Mb dorker

Naznin akter oporna on 07:18 AM, 26-Aug-14

4mb internet of korbo ke kora.

Naznin akter oporna on 07:22 AM, 26-Aug-14

4mb of korbo ke kora

shawon chokdar on 04:09 PM, 26-Aug-14

valo kon packeg pai na

MINTOO on 11:56 AM, 31-Aug-14

how can internet package off ?

HARUN on 10:22 AM, 04-Sep-14

Robi facebook saradin 4tk package kivabe off korbo??

Mintoo on 12:06 PM, 05-Sep-14

want to stop robi 4mb imternet

Rubel on 10:06 PM, 05-Sep-14

via 7 diner pakej junta chain. ki bava kin vo.. janala valo hay?

Rubel on 10:08 PM, 05-Sep-14

via 7 diner pakej junta chain. ki bava kin vo.. janala valo hay?

usuf on 08:29 AM, 09-Sep-14

bai ami auto renwel bondo kibabe krbo

md yousuf ali on 08:52 AM, 09-Sep-14

robi net pakge bndo kibabe krbo

josim khan on 12:11 AM, 16-Jan-15

amr sim r ak jon kivabe uthaia nei.aita kivabe possible

Raihan on 02:37 PM, 26-Jan-15

ki vabha 25mb auto renewal off krbo ???

sk khan on 09:13 PM, 27-Jan-15

ami free 500 mb cai.my phone number_01828575711

md shahinkhan atibrana on 05:38 PM, 28-Jan-15

please give me details information, why
I cant buy 3GB? every month I need 3gb
internet package

Khushbu on 01:45 PM, 30-Jan-15

Vaiya, 500mb 1mnth'r jnno kinte vat soho kto lgbe?

fahim on 11:35 PM, 03-Feb-15

ami unlimited pakage kivhabe active korbo?

md.hanif on 12:24 PM, 06-Feb-15

3g Internet kibabe chalu korbo?

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